Pine Knoll Shores Special Events

Pine Knoll Shores Special Events

Spot A Fish

Let's have some fun and spread some joy! Download and print our spadefish and color it with anything you have on hand - crayons, markers, paints, watercolors! Tape them to your window so everyone can see! On your next walk around your neighborhood or close to home, see how many spadefish you can find! Share your fish with us and we will feature them on social media! #SpotAFish  

Download Fish Here









Summer Camp Registration

Registration Starts April 1 at 6 a.m.

registration is Online Only

Sign up the kids for summer camp fun. Camp registration begins April 1 at 6 a.m. ONLINE ONLY. Camps are popular so set your alarm. Registration is available online only, so be sure to bookmark our website! Summer camps are offered by age group for kids entering kindergarten through eighth grade throughout the summer. Kids enjoy behind-the-scenes action and plenty of outdoor and hands-on adventure.


Registration Begins April 1


May the Force 

Join the Shark Side

Tentative: May 2 

A long time ago, in an underwater galaxy far, far away…

May the Force Day arrives early at the aquarium. Join us for an out-of-this-world event on May 2. This special event will showcase planetary beings from throughout the galaxy.

“This is going to be a super fun event that pulls together a love for Lucas Films and a desire to educate and inspire youth to participate in conservation actions,” said Nicole Warren, an aquarium educator. “There will be surprises for all ages to enjoy.”

Visitors beware that rebels could be around each corner, prepare for an epic underwater battle, and there will be photo opportunities throughout the aquarium. This event is free with general admission or NC aquarium membership. Costumes are highly encouraged but not required.

Bird's-Eye View: Free-Flight Bird Program

TEntative: Starting May 25 

Flock to the Big Rock Theater to get a close look at some impressive birds. The show highlights the unique features of owls, pelicans, vultures, and other species. The audience enjoys extraordinary close encounters with these engaging creatures. The event is free with admission or membership. Events will be held daily throughout the summer. 


World Oceans Day

Tentative: June 8

Dive into oceans of inspiration on World Oceans Day, an international observance to promote ocean conservation. Answer the annual call to celebrate ocean conservation with themed crafts and activities. We will celebrate the wonders of our beautiful blue planet and share easy ways we can all help make a difference. We will have hands-on ocean-themed activities and crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

We will be focusing on plastic pollution prevention, the impacts of marine debris on marine life and everyday ways everyone can make a difference. Learn how long it takes plastics to degrade through an interactive activity, find out how baleen whales eat, pin the jellyfish dinner to the sea turtle, challenge your family to a bean bag toss, and make a cool craft to take home.






Click here to learn more about World Oceans Day


July 11-17

Sink your teeth into fun facts all about sharks during Shark Week July 11-17 at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Family-friendly programs, activities, crafts, and displays portray the truth about these often misunderstood creatures, their essential role in the ocean ecosystem, and the threats they face.

Shark Week activities, free with admission, include information on ways to help these endangered animals.

Nearly 500 shark species can be found worldwide, and about 50 of those frequent North Carolina waters. Look for three species of sharks at the Aquarium: sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, and nurse sharks all inhabit the Living Shipwreck. For a close-up look at shark feeding time, sign up for the Shark Snack Behind the Scenes Tour on Tuesday and Friday — advance registration and additional fees are required for behind the scenes tours.

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